What Quality Guarantees Do UI/UX Agencies Provide for Their Products or Services

When you order a UX design service for a website, there are several technical and economic characteristics of the site, the achievement of which cannot be guaranteed 100% for technical reasons. It can only be guaranteed with a high degree of probability that the site will achieve certain characteristics. The higher the professional level of the web designer, the higher the probability that the predicted characteristics of the site will be provided.



What UI/UX Agency Can 100% Guarantee

  • Completion of all work on time following the contract.
  • Meeting the cost estimate stipulated in the contract.
  • Placing on the site the agreed amount of site content.
  • Ensuring that the technical characteristics of the site meet the requirements of the technical specifications for the site.

UI/UX agency is obliged to guarantee, ensure performance and be responsible for the specified indicators following the contract and terms of reference for the site.


What UI/UX Agency Can Guarantee at a High Level

  • The number of visitors the site should attract.
  • Positions of the site in ratings and search engines.
  • The average cost of attracting a targeted website visitor.
  • The profit the site will bring.

As a rule, the studio isn’t responsible for the discrepancy between the site design and aesthetic expectations, provided that the technical task for the development of the site design is completed. To exclude the possibility of not meeting the aesthetic expectations of the customer, it’s obliged to provide the UI/UX designer with the site content in advance.

For many customers, the process of preparing site content is the biggest problem. However, if you get hung up on the preparation of site content, then this process can be delayed for a long time. Numerous cases are known when the process of preparing the site’s content dragged on for years. At the same time, more efficient competitors during this time far outstripped this company.


What’s Important

  • The more science-intensive work will be ordered when creating a website, the higher the likelihood that the creation of the website will be a research project.
  • The Internet is a high-tech area. Not always the creation of a site can be technically feasible at a given level of technology development.
  • If the site is created for business, then the requirements for the site shouldn’t be an object of scientific research but a tool for making a profit.


Thus, the more carefully all the issues are discussed at the stage of agreeing on the terms of reference for the creation of a website or redesign, the less likely itis that any questions may arise during the acceptance of the finished website.

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