Is It Possible to Create a Design for Your Mobile Application for Little Money?

The development of mobile applications is now relevant in a variety of business areas. Throughout the entire path from the moment, the idea of ​​a mobile application was conceived to its presentation to the end consumer, each company is faced with a huge number of issues that require careful thought. One of them is the development of the app design and the determination of its cost.


How to Calculate the Cost of a Design?

Be sure to think about what kind of design you will have. If you want to save some money, maybe the standard design is enough for you. Most mobile platforms allow you to use a standard interface when developing applications.

The lack of an individual design significantly reduces the creation time and the final cost of the application, but imposes restrictions on the functionality, since the number of standard elements is often small.

Working with design is very scrupulous and can drag out development a lot. It needs to be done along with analytics, especially if you decide to do a custom design. Discussion of design can greatly shift the deadline, and without clear requirements for the interface, it makes little sense to take on development.


How Much Can an App Design Cost?

The cost is usually calculated based on its complexity, the skill level of the designer, and how many platforms the app will be available on. Traditionally, the cost is based on the price per hour of the designer’s work. To give you a better idea of ​​the cost of app design, we’ve categorized iOS and Android apps into three types: simple, medium, and complex. The total cost was calculated based on the rate of $30 per hour of work:

  • Simple applications. Created for two platforms. They have few screens, data, and actions that users can take. It is supposed to create an API, a backend, and an admin panel, the ability to view and send images, login, and authorization through popular social networks. Such applications can use off-the-shelf map services and work with GPS. Simple applications take about 100-140 hours of work, and the estimated cost will be from $3,000.
  • Medium complexity applications. It includes everything that was indicated earlier. The functionality becomes more complex: it can include chats, payment, etc. The cost here is influenced not only by the complexity of the component but also by their number. Work on such an application takes about 200-240 hours on average, and the cost starts at $6,000.
  • Complex applications. They include integration with numerous third-party services, work with VR/AR platforms, and the presence of several types of users. On top of that, there is a lot of content and screens. Complex apps with custom animations take about 400 hours and start at $12,000.

 We hope this article helped you understand what budget you need to create the application design. The design cost estimate is approximate, and each case needs to be analyzed separately.

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