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The Concept of Living Streets

A brief introduction

The idea of complete streets has evolved into an increasingly visible and broad social movement. Transportation planners, street engineers, public health officers and elected officials—with a range of activist citizens in the vanguard—are working to repurpose our city streets to allow everyone to get around safely and well, even if they’re not traveling by car.

Green LA takes the idea of complete streets several steps further, adding participatory design, reclamation of excess street space to create inviting places for people, incorporation of features that capture rainwater and clean urban runoff, and an emphasis on social and economic equity. The result is our concept of living streets.

Our Strategy for Change

In our experience, the best way to spark change is to lead the way with good practice. Policy change may be a start, but it will not lead to meaningful transformations without well-built model projects. Therefore, we focus our work in three areas:

Demonstration Projects

We design and build demonstration projects featuring a few simple, easily removable elements such as sidewalk living rooms, street porches, and street plazas.

Prototype Living Streets

We develop concepts for and build prototype Living Streets working closely with local residents. These streets reclaim space previously allocated for autos and feature permanent street improvements such as pedestrian crossings, bicycle lanes, street trees and bioswales.

Implementation Blueprint

We monitor and catalogue the main obstacles to implementing living streets, and identify ways to overcome them. In addition, we catalog significant local projects and resources to inspire others and provide needed know-how.

Living Streets Case Study

A more in-depth look at what we do

Learn about the growing momentum for people-friendly streets, read about our concept for living streets and some of the challenges to implementing them, and get the details on our demonstration projects along with our unique approach to community participation.

Click here to download a PDF version of the Case Study.